Al Qaser Al Kabeer is an unparalleled resource for residential furniture with an unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design. We define the way a home looks , turning rooms of high visibility into places of comfort and distinction.

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Our products are as durable as they are beautiful; as comfortable as they are inspiring. We are project partners you can trust for our high product performance, attention to detail and unique perspectives on modern, yet inviting, furniture and furnishings.

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we are proud to support and promote local designers and brands, so our passion for high-quality commercial furniture sees us not only sourcing superior products from Asia and Europe, but also locally.All at highly competitive prices.

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Interior Expertise

As Al Qaser Al Kabeer we have been in the business for over 10 years at The Furniture Union.We have best team with interior expertise.

Awards Winning

Al Qaser Al Kabeer is an award wining furniture company. As we have years of interior designing experience with best quality work.

Free Consultation

Enjoy a consultation with your designer. The designer will present ideas and recommend furniture based on your style, space and needs.

Reasonable Price

We have Impressive range of residential furniture, office furniture and commercial furniture for you at very reasonable price.

Guaranteed Works

We never fail to meet a delivery deadline whether it is a one-off project or a volume contract.We deliver guaranteed furniture work.

24 / 7 Support

24/7 Customer Care Support. Feel free to contact Al Qaser Al Kabeer. We will provide best service.